March.13.2020 in D.C We’re Back! Icon Fridays

Posted by DJ Civil on February 26, 2020 in dj
OMG! We’re back!
Whether you’re new to the city or just looking to expand your circle of Queer womxn friends, LezBesocial & LitLivesMatter has just the ticket: a female-centric night of high spirits and good vibes! Head to DC’s NEW hip and trendy Queer Womxn’s night, at Exhale DC, where you’ll have the chance to relax, chill and listen to dope tunes from the DMV’s hottest queer womxn DJs!
Join us on March 13, 2020 for an event to remember and leave with something you’ve been longing for—a night out with us girls.
Dress code: BAD. As we all know friends that slay together, stay together.
Cost: Free if you register by clicking that link but if you must arrive fashionably late, $10 all night.
Drinks: Never too pricey as we know the ladies love a good cocktail for a good price! $8 signature cocktails ♥
Doors open at 10pm. To beat long lines, please arrive at by 11:30 pm for we have special happenings by the hour.
Melodies: Dj Civil™ + DJ Honey
Come alone or come with friends. Everyone is welcomed!
Get your tickets now
🦋 🦋
Call/text 202-455-8203 for more info

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