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Yes, I still Dj!

Thankful to you many of my inquiries are through my website. This is true, I rarely promote or market my events through social media. There is only one reason I rarely do this…increased social media exposure mean more gigs which = Dj Civil working as a Dj more often which = Other Personal achievements are on HALT! I've been through this before as a Dj and a Working professional. So believe me I'm well aware of the implications. So I thank you all for visiting my website and booking me despite much social media exposure. I love you. Believe me when I say, I have the skills to produce the maximum social order you are seeking in your event. So book me…if I'm available and you are pleased with my pricing, then we are in business. Thanks for the read.

Below is footage from my last gig 6/17/17.


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