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@dj_honeyb I must Piggy Back

Dj HoneyB you have sparked one hell of a conversation.

Realizing this point is genius and could not be expressed no less than that. Please see her original post at “Is the music industry over saturated?”

However, let’s go even further. Let’s look at this as the DJ, in the booth, awaiting to entertain a crowd that’s extreme music lovers. Instead you get a crowd that doesn’t know your job as the DJ, nor do they care.
With that said, the passion to produce an artistically fond album has been lost. PAY ATTENTION—– >>>Lil Wayne flipped the game on us and we went crazy with it. Think about it, the passion has evaporated, the love is gone, the effort is nothing. But this is the best part, the trend has affected the dancefloor as well. Yes, PAY ATTENTION!!!
Just recently, I had the pleasure of attending two parties two different locations and the scene was no different. Literally, playing from your laptop and dropping the hottest tracks from BET’s 106 and Park Countdown and Datpiff’s Exclusive mixtape of the week is the new thing that’s so WRONG, it’s sickening. I felt as if I stepped into someone’s basement party. Given, these songs are hot but they are distributed in the club, at the wrong time, then into your ears by the NEW DJ.
Yes, the NEW DJ! He or she purchased a board (didn’t even read the manual), downloaded the hottest songs, and charged $50.00 to set out on a mission to become NOTHING (the new dj is promoted now). PAY ATTENTION—- >>>> THE NEW DJ has grown to NOTHING yet has been posted on fliers and being hired for all the HOT parties. So NOTHING has been influenced by the Lil Wayne effect. Are you following me? It’s a horrible trend. I repeat, “think about it, the passion has evaporated, the love is gone, the effort is nothing”…the effort is nothing…the effort is NOTHING.

Attending a party entertained by DJ NOTHING will never make you feel like the music has hit your soul, created an outer body experience, and have you approaching the REAL DJ with a high five saying “You got it!”

Now a days, anyone can be a DJ and the music industry is allowing it. The parties aren’t quality and the music is not thoroughly researched.
As the REAL DJ, you seek quality tunes…but what does one do if and when a 19 year old wants to hear the latest from Soulja Boy’s new Loud album (go to itunes, let me know what YOU think?).


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