Ripped Radio last night recap

Posted by DJ Civil on May 25, 2012 in dj

So a quick recap of last nights installment, which was the season finale for the shows that week. Ripped Radio will return next week.
So there were many guests on the show last night. First, Ms. Ty repped alongside AJ as guest co-host @beatsfaces. Sweet! Then artist Awthentik came by and blessed the listeners with his sounds @awthentik. Then the ladies of @djsafterparty came thru and explain their cause and love for the industry and being able to spread the love of music to the youngstas. Love Love! Finally, @kingpenslim came through and spoke of his recent goings as an artist in the industry. We dropped his single Lollipop. Yo I was crazy excited! Ok back to the blog. Yet overall the show was a hit. I love being on the scene there spinning and just straight vibing with everyone. Thanks again for the opportunity Ripped Radio. Go to their website see the upcoming shows.

Oh wait one other guest. Ms Charis @queencharisshow. This woman right here got some BIGgggg things poppin. There is an announcement at 8pm tonight. Follow her on twitter. We all waiting for dat.

Aight peeps. Be good.






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