I purchased a Kick/Push Xootr Road Scooter

So I purchased a xootr scooter yesterday evening. As the great aquarius I am, I researched that heck out of this scooter for two days or so. First, discovering they have been around for a while, and it appeared they were only really popular in NY.

I will be in that area this weekend, so I figured why not purchase the scooter while visiting Jersey. Well the area I will be visiting in Jersey, too far from Xootr scooter dealer. So I look in my area, the DMV…and found one in College Park. College town, of course they have plenty of wheel dealers.

So they have the scooter, I purchase it! EXXXXPPPPENNNNSIIIVVVEE little bugger too! But I want it, so I get it. Little did I know…later that night after first trying it out the damn thing I would be sitting lifeless in my chair staring at the DVD player with a bottle of Fiji in my hand HATING LIFE, unable to respond!!

So i test out the scooter when I get home. Mind you I have researched this thing. It is true to its word being fast as hell! My area is very hilly and the brakes on that sucker makes you feel like there is no such thing as stopping. But with full grip applying the front brake then the fender brake you become comfortable enough to believe the xootr will not flip you. HOWEVER, I did learn not to wear loose jeans while riding. I did trip up once…I didnt fall, okay!

So that wasnt the kicker though…riding up and down the hills…pushing off the left leg then the right leg moving at a steady 5 meters per half a leg stroke…that after 10 minutes I burned enough cardio to save my workouts for the week.

I was done!

My whole reason for purchasing the scooter was to ride to work. I think i will need a few more practice runs first. What you think?

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