I must put this in writing…djing is a craft

Posted by DJ Civil on July 19, 2011 in dj

My favorite is: supporting other djs. Going out, listening to them spin, watching the crowd reaction, watching how they interact with people, I wonder if they have been drinking too (haha); its all love and observation. Some djs I watch are well established, some are just starting, some probably their first gig, its all the same with me. How does the crowd react? I look up to All. Let’s learn from each other.

Everyone has a different style, everyone plays to the crowd differently…there are hit and misses all the time! It’s an art that must be practiced daily. But practice isn’t enough, one must play in front of an obvious other than he/she friends. We need a head bob from the bartender, from the security, from the busboy, from the camera guy…then as the crowd progress keep the heads bobbing. Then start the feet tapping, the two step, the crowd participation…okay well you get it.

I’m still learning. Lets have some fun! I’m not getting any younger so im going to keep pushing for as close to greatness in this profession. Engineering is my career. Music is my love. Djing is my desire. I desire to strive hard at developing my craft.

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